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Category Archives: In Process



Part of the work of the work I do is balancing everyday life activities with reading, writing, planning, and thinking. I’m moving next week and have been mostly dealing with that. In between I’ll think of things and jot them down or read a blog post or two and think things through but life is [...]

How Do We Become?


Today I’m going to spend the afternoon writing and exploring ideas related to becoming, feminism, and critique. I read something this morning that’s getting a lot of play as an explicitly feminist, biting, and probably Marxist critique of Tiqqun’s Preliminary Materials For a Theory of the Young Girl. I’m particularly interested in exploring the concepts [...]

7/6/13: Correcting Proofs and Revisiting My Process


Spent a few days with my mother visiting from Florida and am back to work today after a break. Yesterday I received the uncorrected proofs to an article of mine coming out in the fall. It’s a response essay to a performance I helped with in 2010 when I taught at BGSU. Everything is being [...]

6/28: More Writing & Reading E. Grosz


After a few days of jury duty and my mother flying into town I’m back to work today continuing reading Becoming Undone in public. I’ve been thinking nonstop about the book and the larger points Grosz is making. I think her ideas are radical and important and potentially revolutionary for developing political, personal, and ethical [...]

Reading Notes for 6/24


Today I’m returning to Stallybrass and White to get through the introduction. I worked with Grosz for a while this weekend and want to jump back in to the world of the symbolic and grotesque bodies to see what I can bring with from Becoming Undone. This jumping back and forth is a practice I [...]

Saturday Click Throughs


I’ve been away from writing and research proper for so long and even though yesterday was quite productive it took me a few hours to shake the feeling that I wasn’t doing enough, or that it should have felt different, better. That’s a frustrating feeling for someone who prides himself on telling other people to [...]

6/20: Mass Ornament Essay/Book Proposal/Reading


Today is a bit harder because it’s really about me setting my own schedule and trying to differentiate between two projects that feel similar. Video artist Natalie Bookchin created a piece in 2009 called Mass Ornament that culls together incidental moments of people dancing on Youtube to create a longer more “realized” piece of digital [...]

6/19: Light Revisions and Editing


No better way to start the ball rolling than to dive right in. Process is after all always in the middle of things. I received an email yesterday from the editors of a journal that is publishing an article of mine in their next issue. They included a query sheet with edits. I re-read the [...]