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Saturday Click Throughs

I’ve been away from writing and research proper for so long and even though yesterday was quite productive it took me a few hours to shake the feeling that I wasn’t doing enough, or that it should have felt different, better. That’s a frustrating feeling for someone who prides himself on telling other people to be kinder to themselves within the academy. This business can be quite brutal. So many people spend so much time critiquing one another and their work that the last thing anyone needs is that kind of intense scrutiny turned onto themselves. It’s bullshit too, the way that some academics start from a place of tearing others down. Uninteresting and unproductive.

Today  I’m clicking around looking for some help from Elizabeth Grosz on refocusing my attention on the material and how the material enables the symbolic and the cultural to emerge. I know there is a lot written about this in Becoming Undone so I’m looking there and then other places I find online. I’ll be writing up notes here as I move through the afternoon. It’s lazy and hot in the city so I might work for two hours or I might fall asleep on the couch.

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