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Reading Notes for 6/24

Today I’m returning to Stallybrass and White to get through the introduction. I worked with Grosz for a while this weekend and want to jump back in to the world of the symbolic and grotesque bodies to see what I can bring with from Becoming Undone. This jumping back and forth is a practice I use when reading and researching. I find that I very rarely finish one text off by itself and then move to another text by itself. My reading process is messy and things fall over each other and into one another. Perhaps to my detriment I never get a crystal clear picture of what one author or one text is saying. I try to play texts against each other, to make myself learn from how they relate to each other.

I don’t know at what point in this process I’ll identify and mark out a clear project description. Right now I’m content to wander until something emerges from the reading and writing. I am hedging on even identifying sites to write about. I’m resisting naming because naming is a kind of narrowing, a shutting down. The kind of pointless argument I get into with myself. These are the problems, this is the work.

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