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How Do We Become?

Today I’m going to spend the afternoon writing and exploring ideas related to becoming, feminism, and critique. I read something this morning that’s getting a lot of play as an explicitly feminist, biting, and probably Marxist critique of Tiqqun’s Preliminary Materials For a Theory of the Young Girl. I’m particularly interested in exploring the concepts Grosz writes about in Becoming Undone and related them to the process of thought, of thinking and articulating an understanding of living. I should also note that part of the project Grosz outlines in the last few books she’s written is finding ways of producing new modes of thought, new ways of talking about living or experiencing that are themselves productive. Put another way, is there a way to articulate an understanding of what it means to live, to be in this world with others that doesn’t start from a place of comparison or critique through negation? So rather than talk about all the things we find wrong in an argument and building a response from that place how can we produce ideas or knowledge that don’t rely on negating other perspectives, or at the very least edge away from comparison, categorization, analogues, identity? These are the ideas I’m interested in exploring this afternoon. Join me here and read or write along!

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