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What is This?

This blog is a daily archive of the of the work I do as an academic. My goal is to make my research as transparent and public as possible. Over the last six months I have witnessed scholars such as Michelle Moravec and W. Caleb McDaniel engage different forms of public, digital research. I will be drawing from both their practices heavily while experimenting with a few of my own. I’ve called this process open source research to demonstrate a commitment to transparency and collaboration. I hope that anyone stumbling upon this site will not only click around and read but participate by leaving comments, sharing research, and learning from one another.
How it works:

1. Every morning I will post links to my work schedule on the blog. Each link will lead to a Google Doc that can be seen, shared, and commented upon by anyone while I’m working. If I’m primarily reading one day then the Google Doc will mostly be reading notes and ideas. If I’m primarily writing then it will be more of a formal essay structure, and so on. I except this process to evolve as I discover ways that work best for everyone.

2. Inspired by Michelle Moravec I’ll be tweeting the process with different hashtags, including text fragments from whatever I’m writing or researching.

3. At the end of each working session I’ll post a recap here and sketch out a plan for moving forward.

4. I will update the appropriate Reading/Writing/Teaching/Threads section of the site as an informal archive of works finished or in process.